Balsamic Moon

Find this Moon in the Sky

This moon rises after three in the morning and sets mid-afternoon. I love to watch for this moon each morning. Its crescent of light that grows thinner and thinner until it finally disappears in the light of the sun. Thatís when I know the new moon is just around the corner.
From the 'Moon Lover' series by Dana Gerhardt
All I ask is that you pick one drawer, one cubby, one little square foot in your garage Ė and clear it now. Just donít make a big deal out of it, or you probably wonít do it at all. Energy is often low at this dark moon phase. Target a manageable space. One of those clutter spots that nag at you. Toss what you donít need. Consider a simpler life. Do the same with at least one of your mental closets. Release an attachment that binds you. Then rest. In clearing physical and mental space, you make a metaphysical statement: Youíre charging your environment and your mind. Youíre inviting something better and new to pour in at the next waxing moon. This is one of the most potent times in the entire lunar cycle, when you prepare by dissolving, detoxing, letting go. Eat light. Drink lots of water. Cultivate peace; practice the art of refraining. Reflect events around you like a still, serene pond.