Crescent Moon

Find this Moon in the Sky

Against the bright crescent of this moon, you’ll see a dim outline of the full moon—a reminder of the fulfillment that is to come. Look for this moon in the west in the early evening, after the sun has set.
From the 'Moon Lover' series by Dana Gerhardt
You need courage at the Crescent moon, but you may not realize it. It’s like hitting the poppy fields outside Oz: you can fall asleep before you know it. At this phase most people fall away from the lunar rhythm, into that other more hectic, less natural one. Life becomes familiar. The moon is up there; you’re doing your thing down below. After the pregnant question of the new moon, this phase holds a treachery of inertia. Where are you now? Is it business as usual? What happened to your new moon invitations? If you didn’t receive any, there's still time to send out some of your own. Ask: What information or support do I need to go beyond my current position? For inspiration, look at the early evening moon. You'll see the slender crescent and, in shadow, the moon’s full round orb. Is that ethereal moon a symbol for your bright possibilities waiting to materialize? Or does it represent the haunting shadow of familiar habits—the same old, same old? You decide. If you want to make this cycle special, borrow the words of a remarkable man born at this phase. Say: "I have a dream."